KIMI NASCAR: "My Ass Is Burning!"

KIMI: This Jerky Perky gives me ass burn.

FOR those who missed Kimi Raikkonen's NASCAR debut in the Jerky Perky Toyoya Camry (no joke) we have a little treat.
It's his best pit radio quotes broadcast to the world mid-race.
Here they are, courtesy of Jalopnik:

1: "I don't understand how this car can be so hot, My ass is even burning in here!!" (It's believed he decided against wearing the heat shields for this race.)

2: "Why you shouting on the fucking radio?" Kimi struggled to understand his loud American crew.

3: "I am out of the drink again. It's so small. Mark has to make sure it's completely full, because it is too small."

KIMI'S CAMRY: Sponsored by a beef jerky company. 

4: "We're so fucking shit, it's unbelievable."

5: "Did you see how fucking bad it is? I cannot even turn the car into the corner... And remember, I need water."

6: "I need my drinking water. Hey!! Give me my drinking water!!!"

7"You just have to do what you have to do to get fast laps."

8: "The car is just so fucking bad (mumble mumble)." It's a Camry. Sponsored by Jerky Perky. Anyone else surprised it's not as sweet to drive as the Ferrari?

NASCAR: Tom Cruise was the sports's greatest.
9:"The car is shit because I cannot get it turned! It is so frustrating! I cannot get the fucking car turned!"

10: "Don't talk about other things on the radio". Running 27th, his pitcrew start discussing other on-track happenings.